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My teenage son actually asked me to buy him Proactive to treat his breakouts. I almost, fell over. I reminded him of my profession and pointed out that I have access to the best skin care products available. Why did he want Proactive? Marketing: with endorsements like P-Diddy and Jessica Simpson, it’s no surprise that people would be influenced to try it. So, I asked him if he would rather use a medical product that was dispensed by a physician or something sold in a vending machine in the mall. For a teenager that is better reasoning than any scientific explanation.

Obagi Clenziderm M.D. is a 3- step physician dispensed acne treatment. Step #1 is a Foaming cleanser with 2% salicylic acid, to remove excess sebum and cleans skin. Step #2 is Pore Therapy with 2% salicylic acid to help unclog pores, and menthol to remove surface bacteria. Step #3 Serum gel is a 5% solubilized benzoyl peroxide to reduce P. acne bacteria.

Obagi Clenziderm M.D. is unique because it is the only prescription strength acne treatment that contains a patented solubilized form of 5% benzoyl peroxide BPO, to penetrate deep into follicle and treat acne deep where it start. The BPO in the Clenziderm M.D. system is in a liquid form with macro-sized BPO crystals size that is one tenth the size of other BPO products. Average size of BPO crystals are larger than the size of the skin follicle, so they sit on skins surface.

Clenziderm M.D. Before and After 4 weeks

It is important to see a physician or medical esthetician to set up a treatment protocol. For some patients additional products and treatments may be recommended to enhance results. There are also skin care products,medications and treatments that can be contraindicated with this acne therapy. As with any skin treatment, compliance is key. You can schedule a free consultation at Paradise Valley Skin Klinic, Shapiro Plastic

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