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Born out of an appreciation and dedication to classic movie lines, Muze is a lifestyle brand where movie quotes and fashion collide to bring you your new favorite shirt.

Who doesn’t know someone that speaks in movie lines? Seemingly meaningless utterances to some are timeless classics destined to echo in the annals of history for others.

The company really began on a college campus, by college friends who spent an inordinate amount of time watching the same movies. Those films became the soundtrack of their lives, and those nostalgic moments in time have been revisited virtually everywhere since – at home, in the boardroom, out to dinner, on the golf course.

A great movie line is the perfect means of personal expression. So is a great T-shirt. In 2006, those two powerful forces were fused in a design-driven brand that creates comfortable, designer clothing, combining the classics with compelling graphics on the softest cottons.

The brand promise is uncomplicated (in keeping with its personality) – Muze Connects. Muze brings together all that celebrate the movie line culture, including some of the most recognizable celebrities and athletes who apparently experienced some of the misspent youth that we did watching the same movies. They wear our shirts to make their own personal statement, from Wonderboy to Aloha, Mr. Hand – each gets the nod of approval from a knowing public when the shirt is worn, and the connection made.

Muze has begun partnering with these icons, enabling them to leverage the power of the brand for the causes they support, thereby leading the evolution of fashion with a social conscience. Philanthropy is woven into the fabric of the Muze brand, because we have a unique ability to raise money and awareness for the right cause.

To wear is human,
to give, divine

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