August 2010
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Popular Back to School Hair Cuts for Guys

Justin Biebers hair style is one of the most requested with tweens and teens.

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Taylor Lauthner play’s Jacob in Twilight, and wins 2010 Teen Choice Hottie

Taylor Lautner’s haircut is versatile and can be worn in a toned down version of the fohawk

Zac Efron’s layerd cut with his version of the fohawk.

Ashton Kutcher

Parker Wilson sporting the Bama Bang.

Mike Anderson at Salvage Salon, is the go to guy for guy’s looking to get the hottest hairstyles. Mike is an expert stylist and is current on all the popular trends in hair.
Salvage Salon 602 502-3460

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12:02 am - Posted by Kristy

3 Responses to “Popular Back to School Hair Cuts for Guys”

  1. Amazing, I was hunting for information about back to school hall and found your web page. Fortunetely I am pleased I did. Strange the way in which we find unique spots on the internet.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Girls! Love your blog! It is awesome. Can we all vote in comments who we think is the hottest guy in this pic? I know it doesn relate to your story, but dam they are hot!! Plus I think it would be fun. Thanks girls, keep up the good work and fab info!!!! :)

    btw my pick is Ashton! Dam he is sexy!!

  3. i did this today, not quit so dramatic, and made sure the hair at the front was still flattering instead of awkward like the pic here. Love it, just like a regular messy bun but higher and cute at the back!! :D Did this today with damp hair, have it in right now!!

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