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School Spirit: Haunted Schools In Arizona


Ghost Stories

There are several schools in Arizona that are rumored to be haunted. Are there truly spirits still roaming the halls of Arizona schools or are these stories just urban legends. Tell us what you think, or share a ghost story of your own.

Chandler High School – Chandler, AZ
In the north wing of the oldest building, sightings and voices are still experienced.

Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, AZ
Morton Hall is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former student, who died there. Studants claim she even pulls off their blankets while they are sleeping.

Highland Junior High – Gilbert, AZ

Globe High – Globe, AZ

Blue Ridge High – Lakeside, AZ

Desert Ridge High – Mesa, AZ

Carl Hayden High – Phoenix, AZ
Rumored to be haunted by a former cheerleader and football player.

Deer Valley High – Phoenix, AZ
A ghost by the name of Dewy is rumored to peer down from the catwalk. Stories of how Dewy died range from a love story gone wrong to a construction worker who fell of the scaffolding while the school was being built.

Trevor G Browne High School – Phoenix, AZ
When construction workers were building the auditorium in the early 90’s, one of the workers fell off of a high beam and was killed instantly on impact they say you can hear moans and crys of pain in the auditorum at night during closing time .

First Avenue Elementary – San Manuel, AZ

Saguaro High School – Scottsdale, AZ
A girl haunts the bathroom where, before it was a high school, she was hanged for practicing witchcraft in 1786.

Marcos De Niza High – Tempe, AZ
A worker who fell through the stage and died. If you visit the auditorium after 9:00 pm, you may see his ghost trying to finish the job he had started.

Bloom Elementary – Tucson, AZ
There’s a dead principal who still visits

Catalina High – Tucson, AZ
Rumor has it that a man had died from a heart attack in the school, and that his spirit is still there.

Davis Bilingual School – Tucson, AZ
People claim to have been touched by the ghost residing there, doors open and close themselves, and faucets turn themselves on and off.

Holaway Elementary – Tucson, AZ
Sightings of Mr. Holaway him self, checking rooms.

Tucson High Magnet School – Tucson, AZ
One of the many classrooms in the vocational building has been condemned because of rumors of a student killing himself there. Students now haunts the room.

University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ
The ghost of a woman runs to escape her attacker.

Mary Elizabeth Post Elementary School – Yuma, AZ
Students often hear and see visions of Mary Post, as she haunts the school. There is also a picture of Mary above the exit doors, and sometimes when you walk out, her eyes will follow.

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5 Responses to “School Spirit: Haunted Schools In Arizona”

  1. megan says:


    I am the theatre teacher at Trevor Browne High School, and I am close to the theatre teacher who was here when the building was built. No one died when the building was built.

    I have heard that a girl went missing around the time the theatre was built, and my students swear that they have seen her around the theatre.

    Story: my students were performing a show and they saw a big black blob floating over the set, and they also saw a girl with black hair in the hallways. Turns out that the girl who went missing had black hair…

    There is a ghost, but not of a construction worker. :)

  2. Ari says:

    Hello, I’m a student at Marcos de Niza High. I have had a personal experience with Paco, the construction worker who fell to his death during the making of Marcos’s auditorium.
    My encounter is kind of cliché…ordinary day, nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until the Performing Arts students went on the annual “Paco Tour” in the auditorium. I was one of the students on this tour, and I honestly wasn’t expecting much. The staff and older students started to freak out us freshman, and some kids started getting really nervous as we headed up the winding stairs that led up to the dark, feared catwalk. Some say Paco’s footsteps are heard up here, trailing behind you. And when you turn around to look, no one is there.
    Okay so it was my turn to climb the ladder leading up to the catwalk and with each ladder wrung I held, it seemed to get colder and colder. I didn’t get all creeped out and blamed it on Paco, I’m more of a skeptic. As I reached the top and followed my friend ahead of me (my friend is absolutely terrified of ghosts) I could literally feel this strange electricity in the air. I blew it off as the high elevation air and continued. But the feeling never went away. My friend noticed this as well and she turned to me and whispered, “okay, I know you’re thinking I’m paranoid but I FEEL something in the air. It’s not normal.” On any “normal” occasion, I would’ve laughed and replied, “yes, you’re paranoid.” But how could I say that when I knew I was feeling the same thing?
    We walked maybe about 10 or so feet when my friend yelped and literally hopped onto this girl that was in front of her, and in a split second, I swore I could feel this cold breeze blow directly in front of me. It came from the left and swept across to the right and just disappeared. My friend’s eyes were so huge and she kept repeating that she felt SOMETHING touch her back. The students around us started laughing but the boy behind me stayed silent. His eyes were wide as well and he seemed pale. I knew he either seen or felt something, but he wouldn’t admit.
    Till this day, I’m not sure if it indeed was Paco checking out the school’s new arrivals to the place were he had costed his life to help build. But nevertheless, it was definitely a very strange experience.

  3. Syl says:

    MacArthur Elementary Gymnasium in Mesa is said to be haunted. The evening crew refuses to service the gym. Unexplained music with no visible source, sneezes with no one around, desk drawers opening while people are in the office, secured equipment falling off of shelves. . . Wish I knew more about that area.

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