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JeNu: Home Ultrasound Device That Improves Your Skin and Penetration of Skin Care Products

Your skin care products could be working more effectively

The Challenge of Skin Care Products

As skin care professionals, a large part of our job involves searching for skin care products that are effective and then searching for new ways to help those products to work better. The bennefits of a product can look great on paper, but if it does not penetrate effectively then it loses a lot of the benefit. The main function of skin is to act as a barrier, meaning to keep things out. This barrier function makes it challenging to get skin care products to penetrate enough to be effective. Many topical creams merely sit on the surface of the skin before evaporating away.

The Solution

While researching new ways to deliver skin medications, bioscientists made an amazing discovery—ultrasound waves uniquely increase the effectiveness of applying topical ingredients to the skin. Ultrasound waves work by creating a path to deliver key ingredients to the skin. In short ultrasound waves help create a path for better product penetration, which means skin care products will work more effectively, giving you better results.


Ultrasound itself isn’t new, we use a professional ultrasound device in our clinic for several different therapies. Until recently however, ultrasound devices were only available for use in medical offices, but now there is an ultrasound device called JeNu that can be use at home. JeNu is a home skin care device that combines the power of gentle ultrasound wave technology with effective skin care products.
It is a small hand held ultrasound wand that is used to help improve product penetration, up to 12 times better penetration. JeNu also comes with a lip and eye product that use breakthrough technology to hydrate and plumps lips as well as minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet and refines skin texture around eyes. (The lip serum is my new obsession -LOVE it!)

Aside from the amazing results I have enjoyed with my skin, I have to add that I love the sleek design. The wand is fairly small and the charger plugs directly into the wall, rather than taking up space on your counter. The JeNU Active-Youth Pro Skincare System is available exclusively thru skin professionals.
Video: How it Works

Professional Tip / Before You Start

JeNu recommends using the ultrasound wand only with JeNu products. I personally use the ultrasound with additional skin care products, as do my clients. It is important to understand that as it increases product penetration it will likely potentiate active ingredients, although this is basically the desired effect it may also increase the skins reaction to product. If you want to use your JeNu device with other products, I recommend that you first consult with a skin care professional that is familiar with both JeNu and the product you intend to use. I would advise against using it with anything very active such as Retin-A, retinol, salicylic or glycolic acid.



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