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Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

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“Does CoolSculpting REALLY work”, this is a question people ask me all the time. I think the idea of removing fat permanently, without surgery seems hard to believe. Some people notice great results, while others may not see desireable results. So…why does CoolSculpting work for some and not others.

How CoolSculpting works

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical device that works by cooling selected areas of fat to a tempeture the causes the fat cells to go into apoptosis. Apoptosis is a programed cell death, it’s like your fat cells commit sucide. With each treatment cycle we expect 20% of the fat cells to die. You may see improvement 8 weeks after your first treatment, but the fat cells will continue to die up to 4 months post treatment.

Multiple Treatments

You may see a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area after one visit, but you may appreciate even more fat reduction with additional treatments. Most people should expect to do two treatment cycles on each area treated. Occasionally, more than two treatment cycles are needed to achieve your personal desired results.
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Multiple Applicators

Coolsculpting uses something we call applicators that pull the fat bulge in and hold it in place during treatment. It usually take multiple applicators to treat a specific area. For example a stomach may require 3 applicators to treat the desired area, and the sides may require 4 applicators. The exact number of applicators needed to treat an area will vary by individual.
Coolsculpting applicators

What CoolSculpting will not improve

– CoolSculpting and other procedures like liposuction only treat adipose fat, which is the fat above your muscle. Cosmetic procedures do not treat visceral fat, which is the dangerous fat that surrounds your internal organs. The visceral fat needs to be reduced via diet.

– CoolSculpting will not reduce loose or excess skin, it is not an alternative to a tummy-tuck or body lifting procedures.

– CoolSculpting is not used to treat cellulite. Treatments like VelaShape that us RF to reduce the size of fat cells and improve skin quality are better for cellulite treatment.

– CoolSculpting is not an alternative to weight loss. Procedures are for reducing select bulges

Why it does not work for some people

Occasinally, someone will tell me that they have a friend who had CoolSculpting and it didn’t work. The truth is, it most probably DID work, but it may not have worked enough or was not the best treatmentfor actual concern. If someone is confusing skin for fat, they will be disappointed with results. If they have a large amount of visceral fat, reducing the adipose fat will not make enough of an impact. While there are those who were not good candidates, the most likely reason someone may feel like it didn’t work is because they didn’t have enough treatment. They probably needed more applicators to treat the area of concern and may have needed an additional treatment to make an impact that is appreciated.

When I had fat transfer, the doctor used liposuction to remove fat from my abdomen to inject into my face. Now, I know for a fact that the fat was removed from my body, but I did not have any improvement in body conturing. To conture my shape he would have needed to suction out more fat. This does not mean that the liposuction didn’t work at removing fat, it means that MORE fat removal would have been needed to improve my shape. This is usually the case with CoolSculpting, it worked, but more treatment is needed for the desired results.

It is important to keep realistic results, make sure that you understand the amount of area that is being treated. Do not assume that you are the exception, and will only need one treatment. If you have had a treatment and were not satisfied with the results, follow up with your provider to see if further treatments are needs or if perhaps another procedure would be better.

YES, CoolSculpting does work and well.

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11:27 pm - Posted by Kristy

6 Responses to “Does CoolSculpting Really Work?”

  1. Phyllis Gammage says:

    I have to totally disagree. I had the procedure done and have had no results. They played with cameras and positions to make it look like I had a tiny result, certainly not between 20-30% change I had been promised, and even went so far as to say that I had a thigh gap. HAH! laughable!!! I have huge baggy thighs (which is why I wanted help) and I’ve had them all my life. I still have thighs that rub, no gap at all. Now I am too broke to have any other procedure done. I am a nurse, and a seamstress. I MEASURED my thighs in distinctive areas and there was not even a fraction of a centimeter difference after 4 months. I don’t want to do the second session and I want my money back. I have been injured in an accident and have been on NSAIDS and steroid injections since well before the procedure. I was not told prior to the procedure that these would inhibit any results, I was given the go ahead by a nurse practitioner to proceed. I was told after signing, after the first procedure, that this was not a good thing and that I should only take Tylenol for pain…not possible with 7 herniated discs. Now they won’t take responsibility and they won’t refund my money. I am looking for an attorney right now.

  2. D R says:

    Agreed with the comment above. I had treatment done on my arms. They manipulated the photos after 12 weeks and even though 2 practitioners who took photos themselves said they see no results the management is now claiming and trying to convince me of my ‘great’ results that are 0% there. I also measured my arms at the beginning and after 12 weeks and there isn’t even a millimeter of any change. Total waste of a LOT of money.

  3. elfie says:

    i had the first procedure done on side of hips, (flanks) and saw no improvement, asked for refund and was offered a second treatment free of charge, it was done a second time and again there was no improvement, asked for refund and was offered a third treatment free of charge on the same area or stomach. i decided to do my stomach since the side of hips did not work after two treatments. i had to sign a contract stating that after that i would not request a refund if it did not work, i did and guess what? did not work again, wasted over $2,0000 for nothing, still paying credit card, do not want to get bad credit.

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