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Have you evolved?

Modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) have replaced primitive forms of hair removal with the more efficient laser hair removal.

Your not alone

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2009 alone, 159,000 men had laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments, a minimum of 8 treatment is needed on non-facial areas such as the back. Treatments are generally done every 6-8 weeks. Most people will require periodic maintenance treatments, after the initial series of 8 treatments. You may be told that you will only need 5 treatments, this is almost never true. During a consultation you may be told that they use a laser that is “better” than others and they can remove your hair with fewer treatments. ( That is a BS) Laser hair removal is only effective on hair that is in the anogen stage of growth, regardless of the laser. You may only have only 10% of your hair that is in this cycle at any given time. Even if all of your hair falls out with a treatment, only the hair that was in the Anagen stage at the time of treatment will be permanently removed.

Laser hair removal feels similar to a hot rubber-band snap, so a topical numbing cream may be used to reduce discomfort.

Cost of treatment
A consultation is needed to determine the cost of treatment. Treatment cost is based on the size of the area to be treated, some men have only small patches of hair on their back and others are completely covered. Obviously a man that is 5’10” and 150 lbs is going to have a smaller back than a man that is 6’3″ and 300 lbs.

It is important to go to a reputable laser technician, with plenty of experience with laser hair removal. It is tempting to go to discount laser chains, however a little on-line research will show that these places tend to have a lot of consumer complaints, including burns and disputes over money.

Call Paradise Valley Skin Klinic to schedule a free consultation for laser hair removal or waxing . 480.421.1701

Captain Caveman gets a consultation for hair removal.

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