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Like so many things, I learned about the three month rule from a client. (Yes, parenting tips are another perk of the job.) One of my clients told me about creating the three month rule when her daughter was a teenager and I think it may be one of the best parenting tips I ever learned. It’s pretty simple: If your teenager has done something and didn’t get caught, they can tell you at the three month point and not be punished. Its sort of like a statute of limitations for teens. It’s important that parents hold up their end of the agreement, or their teenager will never tell them anything again. Let your teenager know that you will still want to discuss the issue with them but no matter what they tell you they will not be punished. This is a great way to open up communication with your teenager and to understand what is going on in their life. It also gives you an opportunity to have a mature conversation about what they are doing, and hopefully influence them in a positive way.

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I think that many parents are in denial about their teens and have a ” not my kid” attitude. I remember being a teenager and I can tell you that some of the kids that had really strict parents were the most rebellious. Teens may be tempted to try things, and have regrets after the fact. If they are comfortable talking to their parents, then you can provide them with the tools to avoid a similar situation in the future. I don’t believe as parents we should be our children’s friend, but we should try to not be so intimidating or judgmental that our kids can’t talk to us. Often our kids want to tell us things but are afraid. The teen years are difficult, it’s the time in your life that you try to find your identity and face the pressures of your peers. Teenagers are also dealing with the transition from child to adult. If we want to prepare our children for the adult world, we need to be able to have adult conversations.

Parents should be prepared for anything from skipping class to drugs, alcohol and sex. Remember, you can’t flip out! Listen to what they say, stay calm while you discuss your views and invite them to ask questions. If parents use the three month rule fairly, it can be an amazing parenting tool. Try it, let me know what you think.

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Recently I received an advertisement in the mail for a local smoke shop, the add included a coupon for legal bath salts. Obviously, I wondered if there are any bath salts that are illegal, and why would a head shop sell bath salts. The truth is the bath salts are being used as a drug that creates an amphetamine like high and hallucinations. Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning and Hurricane Charlie are all a new type of drug that is being sold as bath salts in many smoke shops. The so called bath salts are being ingested, smoked and snorted to create a dangerous high. The drug has already been linked to several deaths including one young man that plunged 300ft to his death while suffering severe paranoid delusions. The drug is believed to cause severe swelling and irreversible damage in the brain. The bath salts drug can also cause the heart rate to increase to dangerous levels.

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It seems as if there is always a new drug popping up, and now these drugs are being marketed as harmless products such as bath salts and herbal incense. I believe that the places that retail these products are very much aware that they are being used as a drug and teenagers are the targeted consumer. I don’t see any argument that they are unaware of their use or dangerous side effects, when it is all over the news and internet. Personally, I am outraged that these shops continue to put these products on the shelves when they know they that they are putting the lives of young people in danger. I would like to see the manufacture and retailers held responsible for the deaths that come from these drugs. Why has there not been a huge class actions lawsuit?

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Parents should take time to talk to teenagers about the dangers of using these drugs. I also think it is okay to look through you kids stuff to be sure that they don’t have any thing like this that can hurt them. They may get mad and say you are invading their privacy, but that is better than planning a funeral for your child.

Better the child cry today than the parent cry tomorrow.

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spice, synthetic cannabis
Spice, Wicked XXX, and K2 are popular brands of synthetic cannabis (marijuana), an herbal and chemical product that mimics the effects of cannabis. Synthetic cannabis has become very popular with teenagers, mainly due to the fact that is easy to get. Teens can get the products online, it is also sold in head shops as an incense or “herbal smoking blend”. It even comes in flavors like blueberry and strawberry. Synthetic cannabis does not produce positive results in drug tests for cannabis, it acts differently than THC. The labels don’t say what is in it, since the product is sold as incense, it’s not regulated like a food or drug, so manufacturer could put anything they want in it. It has never been tested in humans, however there are reports of people having heart rates around 150 and blood pressure shooting up to 200 over 100. The DEA is makeing products like K2 and Spice a Schedule I controlled substances (illegal drugs with no permitted medical use), the new regulation will be effective after a mandatory 30-day waiting period.
Synthetic Cannabis, K2
Synthetic cannabis, wicked X

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Salvia has become a popular drug among teenagers, parents should be aware that it is easily available over the counter. Salvia is a psychoactive plant which can induce dissociative effects, it is smoked by teens to induce hallucinations. Salvia also known as Divine Sage and Magic Mint is a legal, natural hallucinogen. Teens can easily access Salvia online or over the counter at health and spirituality stores. Some states have outlawed salvia. In Delaware, the law was pushed by a mother who believed salvia contributed to her son’s suicide.

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