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I am going to let you in on my dirty little secret.

I have a dirty little secret that I have been covering up for years. I have a huge …………..
forehead. Over the years I have used almost every variation of fringe or bangs, to cover up my dirty little secret. I am always in search for a great bang. In my quest for the perfect bangs, I have had some cute face framing fringe and a few disasters. When it comes to bangs it is not “one size fits all”. They need to be the right length and style for your face. For example my forehead is too wide for a full side sweep, and a completely straight blunt bang will exaggerate a wide forehead. My point is a cute haircut is pointless if it makes your face look bad. If done correctly, bangs can add beauty to a face. I have also learned from experience to avoid trimming my own bangs, most stylists are willing to fit you in for a quick trim in between cuts.

I really lucked out a couple years ago when a client suggested that I see her hair stylist.
Her hair always looked great, so I trusted her recommendation and scheduled my appointment with Jessica Anderson. I always have anxiety when going to a new hair stylist, especially when having my bangs cut. I didn’t know at the time that Jessica is something of a celebrity stylist and had a reputation for cutting the ” best bangs”. I was more than thrilled with my hair, the cut, color and most importantly the BANGS. Wow! Now I understand why Jessica Anderson is the go-to girl, if you want a haircut with bangs. She understands how to shape bangs to fit your face. Currently, one of the hottest hair trends is the Zooey Deschanel bangs

If you want perfect bangs, Salvage Salon’s. Jessica Anderson is the go-to girl.
You can find Salvage Salon on facebook. (Click for Link) 602 502-3460

Sexy Fringe

Bridget Bardot

Bridget Bardot

Debbie Harry

Stevie Nicks

Audrey Hepburn

Zooey Deschanel

Hillary Duff

Fearne Cotton

Demi Lavato

Katie Perry

Kim Kardashian

Vanessa Hudgens

Beyonce Knowles

Carrie Underwood

Reese Witherspoon

Katie Holmes

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Intimate, Flirty, Sensual, Romantic and Sexy

Best Of Both Worlds AZ is proud to introduce:
One Fine Sexy Girl Photography

Working in the beauty industry I find woman to be their own worst critic, however an intimate photo session brings out a new found confidence.

Every woman is sexy, and award- winning photographer Anne McCarthy captures a woman’s inner sexy in the most beautiful and tasteful form. Intimate photo’s celebrate a woman’s unique beauty and femininity. Intimate photo’s make a great wedding or anniversary gift for your husband, or just a fun gift for him to remember you by when you can’t be together.

~About The Photographer~
All photo sessions are done discretely by award-winning photographer Anne McCarthy.

~About Your Sexy Session~
Don’t be nervous!! She will do everything possible to put you at ease during your photo shoot and come up with creative ideas, directions for posing, and even a little wine to help you relax a little!

~What Should Bring
Bring out your inner sexy girl!! How much or how little you wear is entirely up to you. Bring as many outfit changes as you’d like so that we create a variety of sexy looks.

Some women like to bring accessories like hats, gloves, jewelry. We also have some extra accessories to supplement yours as well: flowers, feathers, custom fabric and silk backgrounds and more.

Something else you might want to consider bringing?
How about a friend to help put you at ease and enjoy this special time with you.

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