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Best Ice Tea Recipe

Perfect Ice Tea

Texas Tea
I call sweet tea “Texas tea”
2 Quarts water
5 standard tea bags, I prefer Lipton
1/2 cup sugar
pinch of Baking Soda (optional)

Bring water to boil, add tea bags and remove from burner. Allow tea bags to steep for 5 minutes. If tea bags are left in longer you will have bitter tea. Add sugar while tea is still hot, this will allow it to completely dissolve. You can add a tiny pinch of baking soda, this will reduce bitterness. Allow to cool before pouring into pitcher. A glass pitcher is best, for pure flavor. I recommend pouring over ice, when tea is served, so that ice will not melt and dilute tea.

Sweeten to taste: Southern tea tends to be a little sweeter so you can add up to a full cup of sugar.

Un-sweetend: If you are like me and prefer your tea unsweetened I recommend using spring water. The sugar in sweet tea covers the taste of minerals that are in tap water.

Garnish: Lemon wedges are great, however so are orange slices, frozen berries and mint leaves.

Sun tea: My favorite, this is the way my grandma makes it. I don’t have the time.
Place pitcher of water with tea bags in sunny area. Allow tea bags to steep in pitcher of water for 3-5 hours. Sweeten while warm.

Green and White Tea: Green and white tea can get bitter fast, so only steep 3 minutes.

Do you have a favorite tea or tea recipe ?

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