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Bad Barbie!

Like many other little girls, I loved Barbie. Okay… I did hate that she was always loosing her shoes, after all how is any fashion forward girl supposed to accessorize with out a matching pair of shoes. I could spend hours dressing up Barbie and styling her hair. She would even speed around in a remote control Barbie corvette, that included a mobile phone! I had no idea she was a bad influence. No, I am not referring to her tiny waist or large plastic breasts. I am not going to blame Barbie for eating disorders, or the Barbie Corvette for all of my photo radar tickets. I am talking about the tanning habits of Malibu Barbie. I didn’t have one myself, but I remember another little girl had the ” Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie”. The iconic 70’s Barbie came with tanning lotion, sun glasses and a towel. I was so impressed with the way her skin would tan in the sun. Her color would actuually get darker when she was placed under light and the color would gradually fade in a few days. Malibu Barbie actually had the ability to achieve tan lines. Lucky for Barbie she is made of plastic, so she doesn’t have the ability to develop skin cancer, wrinkles, sun spots, or skin laxity. Barbie wasn’t alone, she had a full entourage of tanorexic Malibu friends. Ken, P.J., Skipper, Francie and Christie were all sun lovers too.

I am wondering when they plan on introducing Melanoma Barbie, or at the very least Sun Damaged Barbie.

It is a good thing Barbie had all those jobs, she is going to need a good “Plastic” Surgeon.

I guess I will let Barbie off the hook, I don’t think she knew any better back then. I just hope that Mattel will be a little more mindful in the future. Come to think of it, my Barbie Corvette didn’t have seat belts or airbags either and I am pretty sure Barbie got her license from a Cracker Jack box.

Oh…. Just for the record, I am not old enough to have played with the original Malibu Barbie. I am sure that thought never crossed anyones mind, with my youthful appearance and all. LOL

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11:19 pm - Posted by Kristy

2 Responses to “Bad Barbie!”

  1. Mina says:

    I have one, it tans in the sun.

    It belonged to my cousin and we played with it all the time, I was so taken by the way it could tan. I think I was 5 years old at the time. I was poor as dirt, my cousin had all the cool toys, she even had this Cher doll with black and blonde hair and you could twist the top of her skull to change the hair color framing her face. Weird, but still the coolest doll ever.

    Anyway, I got the Malibu Barbie in a bag of hand me down clothes and toys. I knew how much my cousin loved that doll, and her mom was always giving her things away. Even though it was the only Barbie I ever had I vowed to keep it and return it to her when she had a daughter.

    Well I ended up with a daughter and she only had sons. But she cried when I told her I held onto that doll, for twenty years and at least twenty moves. She said I should keep it, and was sorry that I never felt like it was mine. Because she had so much and I had so little growing up.

    I ended up loaning it to my daughter to play with…with the understanding that this doll was special and to keep its hair nice and no sharpie makeovers. She is now 19. She knows the Barbie story and will one day give it to her daughter…I hope. but for now Barbie is safe in my home until my daughter comes back from college.

    • Kristy says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Malibu Barbie, it was touching. I am glad you finally got the Barbie. I loved my Barbies! I wish I still had them.

      It is amazing how a toy can effect your life, I remember how badly I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll when they first came out. I had hoped to get one for Christmas and was so…. disappointed when I didn’t get one. Another girl in the neighborhood had about 50, I thought it was so unfair that she had an abundance of dolls and I didn’t even have one. ( I am not sure how she had so many, maybe her parents robbed a Toys R US. ) I was happy when I finally got one for my birthday, in August.

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