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AHAVA: Unlock the beauty of the Dead Sea

I know that I am supposed to be the “skin guru”, but occasionally I learn something from my clients. Years ago, one of my clients went to Israel. Before she left, she promised she was going to bring me back a little gift. Yay…I love gifts! ( I am blessed with the most amazing clients.) She returned with AHAVA mineral hand cream. She remembered that I am always looking for something to sooth my dry hands. At work I wear latex gloves and I wash my hands several times a day, as a result my hands become very dry and sensitive. I am glad that I has introduced to this line of products because I absolutely love them.

She told me about the Dead Sea and how people travel from all over the world to float in the Dead Sea and coat their bodies in mud from the Dead Sea. It has long been believed that the Dead Sea offers many health and cosmetic benefits due to the high mineral content of the water and salt.
The Dead Sea is at the lowest elevation on earth and has one of highest concentrations of salt water in the world. The high salinity of 33.7% creates an environment in which animals can’t live, which is why it is known as the Dead Sea. The salt content differs from that of the ocean, which is 97% chloride. The Dead Sea salt contents vary, but it is made up of about: 50.8% magnesium chloride, 30.4% sodium chloride, 14.4% calcium chloride, and 4.4% potassium chloride.

Dead Sea Mud

AHAVA also has a full line of products that are made with Dead Sea Mud. The mineral-rich black mud of the Dead Sea shores is scientifically proven to help soothe and repair dry sensitive skin. In addition to the Mineral Hand Cream I am currently also using the Dermud Intensive Foot cream. It is extreamly hydrating, which is great for dry feet. Better yet, you can buy 100% pure Dead Sea Mud for a full body treatment at home.

Dead Sea Salts

Use 100% Dead Sea Salts at home in your bath tub, or try a salt scrub.

Discover the benefits of the Dead Sea with AHAVA.

Try it and let us know what you think.
You can find AHAVA at Nordstroms, ULTA, Beauty Brands and Beauty First.

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