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I finally found the time to read ” In Stitches” a memoir of Plastic Surgeon, Anthony Youn, M.D. I am not in the habit of writing book reviews, however I have been looking forward to reading this book since it was released. Dr. Youn is recognized as a top plastic surgeon and has been seen on shows like Rachel Ray and Dr. 90210. His blog “Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery” has been hugely popular, and now he shares his personal journey to becoming a plastic surgeon in his book “In Stitches”. This is a fun, easy read, a perfect book for a relaxing summer day.

In Stitches gives a humorous inside look of the life of Anthony Youn, a boy that grew up feeling like a “nerd” who didn’t fit in, and his journey to becoming a successful Plastic Surgeon. As a teen he was insecure about his over sized jaw and had major plastic surgery to correct it. He hoped that after the surgery he would have better luck with girls, but things don’t always work out as planned. Dr. Youn shares the personal struggles he had talking to women and trying to get a date while in medical school. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder if he was EVER going to get lucky. I actually had to flip back to the photo of Dr. Youn on the inside flap several times, to see if it offered any clues to his dating challenge. I think it all comes down to confidence.

Dr. Youn said he never had an “ah-ha” moment when he instantly knew that he was going to become a plastic surgeon. Maybe he didn’t have an “ah-ha” moment, but I suspect that a night he spent in pediatrics was a major influence. It is often overlooked, that plastic surgery has it’s roots in reconstruction, we are reminded of this when an infant is brought into the emergency room in need of immediate plastic surgery to reconstruct his face.
You will have to read the book to find out exactly what happens. (Warning, this chapter is a tear jerker)

I have spent my career working with doctors, in the field of Medical Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, so I have some idea how challenging medical school is and plastic surgery happens to be one of the most competitive fields in medicine. Youn was one of 250 qualified candidates competing for a residency in plastic surgery, with only 60 openings. After completing applications for 35 plastic surgery residency programs and 20 general surgery programs (as backups), he receives 15 interview invitations for general surgery and 8 for plastic surgery. Now begins the exhausting process of traveling around the country for residency interviews. These interviews are a bit unusual and a little comical. Finally, Match Day, the day when future doctors are matched with their residency via a process that is compared to E-Harmony.

Intrigued? Buy the Book!
Let us know what you think of the book.

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Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keep friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment. – Greenville Kleisser

Best Of Both Worlds Az, recently co-hosted an event to benefit Athletes International, at Stand Up Scottsdale comedy club. We really had a great time and would like to thank everyone that came out to help us support a good cause. For those that didn’t make it, you missed a great show. The show featured Andrew Norelli as the headliner, along with the other comedians that opened the show.

Kristy and Stephanie with Comedian Headliner Andrew Norelli

Andrew has been seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, Comedy TV, Entertainment Studios with Byron Allen, and Comics Unleashed to name a few. He is real a top act. Not only is he funny, but he is able to make a crowd laugh out loud without using derogatory terms or offensive language. ( Which, in my opinion is a talent ) Sometime’s you watch a comedian and their style of comedy is only enjoyed by a certain targeted group, however Norelli’s act is tailored to be enjoyed by everyone in the audience. I am guessing his experience with improv has helped him to read a crowd, while working as writer for nationally syndicated television programs has given him an understanding of mainstream humor. Two thumbs up!

Stand Up Scottsdale is known for booking some of the most relevant comedians on the scene, you can expect an amazing headliner every weekend. They also have open mic on Wednesday nights. Stand Up Scottsdale! Comedy Club is located in old town Scottsdale, on 5th Ave between Goldwater and Indian School. It is the old Anderson 5th Estate building. The location is great for anyone that may want to go to dinner in Scottsdale and then a show, or enjoy Scottsdale’ night life at some of Old Town’s Dance Clubs, Bars and Restaurants. You can also enjoy food and drinks at the comedy club before, during or ofter the show, which may be a good idea because the drink prices are more affordable than most of Scottsdale’s trendy hot spots. Most shows are $15. and they offer discounts for military, studants, fire and police.

We really enjoyed working with Howard and everyone at Stand up Scottsdale Comedy Club, we will definitely be back to the club for a good laugh.

Stand Up Scottsdale Comedy Club
6820 E. 5th. Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Facebook & Yelp

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latisse, longer lashes

Last night I attended a Latisse Event at the Hilton in Scottsdale. Allergan, the makers of Latisse are leading teams of LATISSE® users from across the country to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. Inspired by the tradition of blowing on an eyelash to make wishes come true, the teams are challenged to raise the most funds to help grant children’s wishes, and they need your help.

Between now and November 30, 2010, Allergan will double each donation made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through Latisse Wishes Challenge Campaign, with a maximum of $250,000.The total number of Latisse trial certificates is limited to the first 10,000 participants who make a minimum donation of $20 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Offer limited to one Latisse trial certificate per person and U.S. residents only. This is such a GREAT deal since Latisse retails for $125!!


All you have to do is visit to join team Bobbie by donating a minimum of $20 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After doing so you will receive a Latisse free trial certificate and schedule an appointment with your doctor to see if Latisse is right for you.

I got to meet Bobbie Thomas, one of the campaign ambassadors for Latisse’s Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is so beautiful inside and out! For over a decade, Bobbie has been empowering others to embrace their style as a positive form of self expression, and is passionate about communicating ”Style is the way you speak to the world without words.” She encourages everyone to match the ‘outside’ with the best that the ‘inside’ has to offer, and believes you don’t have to Do-It-Yourself, but you should Do-it-Your Way.

latisse event

As co-host of the Style Network’s Fashion Police, Bobbie helped to not only transform viewers, but trends, by taking from the runway, what could work their way. For the past six years, Bobbie has appeared as both a co-host and guest on a variety of E! Entertainment specials, including their annual red-carpet Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Awards coverage.

Currently, millions of people wake up to catch Bobbie on NBC’s “Today Show,” where she serves as Style Editor. Her weekly Style Buzz articles have become a popular fixture for the Fashion & Beauty section, and are often pulled to also appear on and MSN messenger, as well as’s home page. Check out Bobbie’s website for all of the latest Fashion Trends!

red carpet

Other campaigne ambassadors include fashion CEO Kathy Ireland and professional ballroom dancer Chelsie Hightower. They are leading teams of Latisse users from across the country in raising funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation while sharing their personal lash experiences with Latisse at

Join the Latisse Wishes Challenge to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation!! I personally use Latisse and it’s amazing how well it really works. I LOVE it! I now have fabulous lashes and you can too! The donation is for a great cause and it’s a inexpensive way to try the Latisse.

Please note: The Latisse Make a wish challenge is not hosted by Best of Both Worlds AZ, Stephanie, Kristy or Paradise Skin Klinic. This campaign is by Allergan ( the makers of Latisse).


* This only works if it is your first kit.
#1 Go to
#2 Click pink button: donate and get a Latisse trial certificate
#3 Fill out all the required fields ( your name, email ect..)
#4 Select “Team Bobbie”
#5 Read terms and conditions
#6 Make $20 or more donation
#7 Wait for certificate in mail ( a couple weeks)
#8 Bring certificate into approved physicians office, to be signed and get a Latisse prescription.
#9 Return completed form via email or fax.
For assistance call 1-800 505-3898

Latisse is sold at Dr. Shapiro’s Paradise Valley Skin Klinic, and other Dr. offices. Click here to find an office near you that carries Latisse.

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Vampire makeup, glampire
With the popularity of shows like True Blood, Vampire Diaries and the Twilight series, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that vampires have become a fashion inspiration. One popular beauty trend this fall is vampire inspired makeup. Pale faces and dark red lips were found on runway models for designers like George Chakra and Dolce Gabbana.

dolce gabbana
This is one of the looks from Dolce Gabbana.
This look was created with three shades of red lipstick from Dolce Gabbana.
Devil ( blue-red), Dahlia ( deep merlot), and Ultra ( rich, dark crimson).
To create depth, use the darkest color (Ultra), in the center.

Scarlet johanson, vampire makeup
Scarlett Johansson for Dolce Gabbana.

MAC, Diva
Makeup artist Gregory Arlt used M.A.C. cosmetics on models for George Chakara.
M.A.C. Mahogany lipliner and Lipstick Matte Diva

True Blood: Vampire Style

Kristen Bauer as Pam
Pam from true blood
pam true blood
pam , true blood

Mariana Klaveno as Lorena

Lorena, vampir
Lorena, vampire

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie Ann
queen sophie, vampire
Queen Sophie Ann vampire

Queen Sophie ( True Blood) Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Hollywood Noir Makeup
Check out for more makeup tutorials.
More vampire inspired looks and plenty of vintage styles as well.

Products Used:
Makeup Designory Primer
Vichy Aera Teint Foundation — Opal
MAC Studio Finish Concealer — NW15
Benefit — “Hello Flawless” Powder in Champagne
Makeup Designory Bronzer — Endless Summer
Makeup Designory Blush — Gingerbread
MAC Blush — Peachtwist
MAC e/s — Phloof! (highlight)
MAC Paint Pot — Bare Study
MAC Eyebrow Pencil — Strut
Makeup Designory e/s — Bone (highlight)
Makeup Designory e/s — Dulce De Leche
Makeup Designory e/s — Cajun
Makeup Designory e/s — Taupe
Makeup Designory e/s — Espresso
MAC Penultimate- Rapidblack
Benefit Bad Gal Lash — Black
Quo Lashes — #805
Lancome Lip Pencil — Berry
MAC Lipstick — Russian Red

Also View : Vampire Series – Velvet Velour Inspired
Romantic Vintage Hair Tutorial

Hollywood Noir Makeup

sexy vampire

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Evan rachel wood, read hair

“Blondes are noticed but redheads are never forgotten.” – Unknown

Hollywood loves a redhead. Celebrity inspiration for beautiful red hair.

Best of Both Worlds Az posed the question: who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?
Perhaps it’s redheads that have the most fun.

Evan Rachel Wood – Queen Sophie Ann, True Blood

Even Rachel wood, read hair
Evan Rachel Wood

Debrorah Ann Woll -Jessica, True Blood
Deborah Ann Woll
deborah ann woll, red hair
deborah ann woll, jesica true blood

Emma Stone – Easy A, and Superbad
Emma Stone, easy a
emma stone, red hair
Emma Stone

Isla Fisher
Isla fisher red hair
Isla Fisher
Isla Fisher

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey Lohan

Laura Prepon
Laura prepon, red hair
Laura prepon, 70 show -red hair
laura prepon, red hair

Debra Messing
Debra Messing, red hair

Julianne Moore
julianne moore, red hair

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet, red hair

Marcia Cross
marcia cross, red hair

Geena Davis
Geena Davis

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts, red hair
julia robert, red hair

Are you dyeing to go red?

If you are dyeing to have sexy red hair, I recommend going to an experienced professional. I have a had a few failed attempts at going red, myself. The first time, my hair was colored by a professional stylist that was a trainer for a well known brand of hair products, and the results were it was terrible. My hair was fiery orange and the color wasn’t even. It was one of those moments you want to cry. I tried to color over it with a reddish- brown color, although it looked better, I was coloring it all the time because the ends always faded fast and left me with a strange combination of color. My conclusion is that red hair can be a little challenging to perfect and maintain. Your best bet, is to go to a stylist that has been recommended by a friend with the color hair you are trying to achieve. Mike and Jessica Anderson at Salvage Salon are both very experienced with red hair. I have seen their clients that have red hair and it looks stunning.

Salvage Salon, az

You can follow Salvage Salon on facebook and on
the blog site Salvage your soul.
Salvage Salon
1619 E. McDowell Rd Studio E
Phoenix, AZ, 85006
Phone:602 502-3460

The professional stylists at Salvage Salon all well established and work independently, however if you are a new client, call Mike and he will place you with the stylist that best suits your needs.

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The Truth About Lip Augmentation

I have a bit of a pet peeve.
It makes me crazy when people confuse a lip augmentation for Botox. Lip augmentations can be created with soft implants or injectable fillers like Juvederm. Botox is used to relax muscles in areas like the forehead, between the eye brows, and crowsfeet around the eyes. So, please don’t tell me that you can’t stand it when women have so much Botox in their lips.

Lisa Rina: Lisa admits to having filler injected into her already naturally full lips.

What’s up with the big lips?
When you do see women with overly plump lips, chances are they like that look. However to be fair, I need to tell you that lip augmentations do look a little fuller the first few days after injections. The lidocane will cause the lips to swell, before filler is ever even injected. When you see photo’s of your favorite celebrities with new plump lips, they may have just recently had an injection and are still swollen. Some women like overly augmented lips and large augmented breast, the same way that some people like tattoos, piercings or overly tweezed eyebrows. It’s about personal preference and self expression.

Juvederm lip injections

It is about regaining a youthful look, not changing your look.
There are people with naturally thin lips that need filler to give their lips a little more shape, however for many people filler is used to regain lost volume. As we age our face losses volume, and lips become thinner. Look at photo’s of yourself when you were a teenager, I will bet your lips look fuller.

Brook Shields is a true natural beauty, she doesn’t look “old” in any way, however you can tell she is not in her 20’s. If you look at her recent photo, she doesn’t have any skin discolorations, lines or wrinkles. However if you compare it to a photo of her when she was younger, you will notice a loss of volume in her face. Look closely at her lips, not only are they fuller, the upper lip pulls up a little toward the nose. Now look at the space between the lower lip and chin, the lower lip has a little “flip” out. It is this type of subtle differences that give the face a more youthful appearance. A little botox can be injected above and bellow the lip to create the “flip”, botox can also be injected at the corners of mouth to turn the corners of mouth up. This is an advanced technique and should be done by a master injector.

Brook Shields 2008
Brook Shields 2008

Young Brook Shields
Young Brook Shields from Blue lagoon

Bad Lip Augmentation
If you have had a lip augmentation that looks to full, asymmetrical or lumpy there are ways to correct it. If your lip augmentation is an implant you need to consult with a plastic surgeon about having it removed or replaced. If you have had temporary fillers, you can have injections that will “dissolve” the filler. The good thing about temporary fillers like Juvederm is they are temporary and will eventually go away on their own.

I strongly discourage anyone from getting injections that are not FDA approved. I know that it is tempting to have cosmetic procedures in other countries that are not approved “yet” in the United States, but it is risky. Many of these treatments never get FDA approval because they are dangerous.

Go to the best.
Pat Foley-Naumentz, R.N. Nurse and Soft Tissue Injectable Specialist at Shapiro Plastic Surgery.
As a registered nurse, born and educated in Arizona, Pat has been in plastic and reconstructive surgery for the last 30 years.

As an instructor for Aesthetic Advancements Inc. and Alga-Medic, which is Allergan’s Consortium of Research and Education Programs, Pat travels throughout the United States teaching expertise and safety principles in soft tissue filler and Botox® injection techniques to doctors, nurses and nurse practicioners.

Pat Foley-Naumetz is very respected by industry professionals, and her artistic eye and gentle hand has earned her the reputation as Arizona’s best injector.

Before lip injections: Shapiro Plastic Surgery
Before lip injections by Shapiro Plastic Surgery
After lip injections by Shapiro Plastic Surgery

Shapiro Plastic Surgery
5410 N. Scottsdale Rd., ste F-100
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
480 421-1700

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Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon, Dr Daniel Shapiro on Fox News Channel 10.

Fox News –

More Women Getting Breast Implants Reduced
Updated: Wednesday, 01 Sep 2010, 7:20 PM MDT
Published : Wednesday, 01 Sep 2010, 7:19 PM MDT

PHOENIX – Did the big-busted look go out of style? According to a well-known valley surgeon, more and more women with big implants are getting them taken out, and going for a more natural look.

Pamela Anderson, Dolly Parton, and Heidi Montag are just some of the big names known for their big implants.

Just this week, Montag says she’s getting hers out. Dr. Daniel Shapiro, a top surgeon in the valley, says it’s something he’s seeing more often.

“If you look at fashion and music, that kind of dictates what happens. I think people are starting to look more proportioned and the Pam Anderson look isn’t so popular anymore,” he says.

At age 20, Melissa Rein went under the knife and came out a large D cup. She says it made exercise and shopping hard, and now five years later, she’s downsized to a moderate C.

“My back has hurt, and people have poked me and said why do you stand like that, and I say my breasts are heavy. You’d be surprised how much I lean forward and now I don’t have that problem anymore,” says Rein.

The procedure costs between $5,000 and $10,000 and could leave a scar, but it’s a sacrifice some women and willing to make to be comfortable in their own skin.

Shapiro Plastic Surgery
5410 N. Scottsdale Rd., ste F-100
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
480 421-1700

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I am going to let you in on my dirty little secret.

I have a dirty little secret that I have been covering up for years. I have a huge …………..
forehead. Over the years I have used almost every variation of fringe or bangs, to cover up my dirty little secret. I am always in search for a great bang. In my quest for the perfect bangs, I have had some cute face framing fringe and a few disasters. When it comes to bangs it is not “one size fits all”. They need to be the right length and style for your face. For example my forehead is too wide for a full side sweep, and a completely straight blunt bang will exaggerate a wide forehead. My point is a cute haircut is pointless if it makes your face look bad. If done correctly, bangs can add beauty to a face. I have also learned from experience to avoid trimming my own bangs, most stylists are willing to fit you in for a quick trim in between cuts.

I really lucked out a couple years ago when a client suggested that I see her hair stylist.
Her hair always looked great, so I trusted her recommendation and scheduled my appointment with Jessica Anderson. I always have anxiety when going to a new hair stylist, especially when having my bangs cut. I didn’t know at the time that Jessica is something of a celebrity stylist and had a reputation for cutting the ” best bangs”. I was more than thrilled with my hair, the cut, color and most importantly the BANGS. Wow! Now I understand why Jessica Anderson is the go-to girl, if you want a haircut with bangs. She understands how to shape bangs to fit your face. Currently, one of the hottest hair trends is the Zooey Deschanel bangs

If you want perfect bangs, Salvage Salon’s. Jessica Anderson is the go-to girl.
You can find Salvage Salon on facebook. (Click for Link) 602 502-3460

Sexy Fringe

Bridget Bardot

Bridget Bardot

Debbie Harry

Stevie Nicks

Audrey Hepburn

Zooey Deschanel

Hillary Duff

Fearne Cotton

Demi Lavato

Katie Perry

Kim Kardashian

Vanessa Hudgens

Beyonce Knowles

Carrie Underwood

Reese Witherspoon

Katie Holmes

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Born out of an appreciation and dedication to classic movie lines, Muze is a lifestyle brand where movie quotes and fashion collide to bring you your new favorite shirt.

Who doesn’t know someone that speaks in movie lines? Seemingly meaningless utterances to some are timeless classics destined to echo in the annals of history for others.

The company really began on a college campus, by college friends who spent an inordinate amount of time watching the same movies. Those films became the soundtrack of their lives, and those nostalgic moments in time have been revisited virtually everywhere since – at home, in the boardroom, out to dinner, on the golf course.

A great movie line is the perfect means of personal expression. So is a great T-shirt. In 2006, those two powerful forces were fused in a design-driven brand that creates comfortable, designer clothing, combining the classics with compelling graphics on the softest cottons.

The brand promise is uncomplicated (in keeping with its personality) – Muze Connects. Muze brings together all that celebrate the movie line culture, including some of the most recognizable celebrities and athletes who apparently experienced some of the misspent youth that we did watching the same movies. They wear our shirts to make their own personal statement, from Wonderboy to Aloha, Mr. Hand – each gets the nod of approval from a knowing public when the shirt is worn, and the connection made.

Muze has begun partnering with these icons, enabling them to leverage the power of the brand for the causes they support, thereby leading the evolution of fashion with a social conscience. Philanthropy is woven into the fabric of the Muze brand, because we have a unique ability to raise money and awareness for the right cause.

To wear is human,
to give, divine

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You don’t have to be a model to look like one, thanks to Arizona’s own Professional Make-up artist Heather Wilson. Heather has been a makeup artist for over 15 years, in fact you have probably already seen her work on television or in one of many magazines, including the cover of Arizona Bride Magazine.

Heather specializes in airbrush and hi-def makeup, so she can cover breakouts and imperfections and make it appear as if you didn’t have any makeup on. She has an expert understanding of the way makeup will appear in photos and on camera, which is very different than the way it looks in person.

Glancing through her impressive portfolio, you might be surprised to find out that she will do makeup on location for weddings or any event you want to look your best. You can have Heather come to your house and do your makeup for any occasion, whether you are having photo’s taken or just a night out with friends.

Look through the pages of Arizona Weddings Magazine and you will understand why she is in such demand with Brides. She has mastered the art of bringing out a woman’s natural beauty.

Most brides know they should do a trial-run with their hair before the big day, they should also do a trial-run with makeup as well. Heather meets with brides before the wedding, spending up to two hours, going over possible looks, and makeup application. Everything is then documented so that on the wedding day, makeup application takes less than an hour.

For Weddings, I recommend booking Heather for the full day. She will stay thru wedding and all photo’s, until just before the reception. So if you sweat or cry, she will be on site for touch-ups. The Bride and up to seven other people will have professional makeup application. For a larger wedding that requires makeup application for more than eight people, assistants will be on site to help for the day. ( At no additional charge!)

You can contact Heather Wilson at to book for an event and discuss pricing.
Follow Heather on Facebook or her Blog. ( click on bolded words to be sent directly to link)

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